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7 Golden Rules For Building Mini Sites

First, an eye opener. Making your fortune through affiliate programs on the internet is not easy. Some people would tell you different. It can be done, but it is not as easy as some would have you think.

Everything you learn about starting an internet home based business is so important. One day you know it all and you're on cloud nine, and the next day you're drowning in a sea of information overload. But until things become clear about this internet business, you need to keep applying the Golden Rules. Don't give it up.

There is a long list of great affiliate program earners, earning well into the hundreds of thousands per year. They did not give it up.

How would you like to learn 7 eye opening golden tips that make these great affiliate earners so much in the know? I thought you would.

1. Follow your loves and build mini sites around subjects you are really interested in - Do you love to cook? Find a recipe book that is selling or some cooking utensils that are good sellers and build your mini site around these products.

2. Build sites that sell the products that people are buying, and the product needs to be something that is easy to build a site around - One example is to go to ClickBank and find products in different categories that are new and good sellers. These are likely to be products that are easy to build sites around and if you get to the product while it is fairly new, the sales are usually greater at this point.

3. Contrary to number 1 above, to build a money-making mini site, you don't need to be interested in the product - If you find a great selling product that you don't know anything about, read the product creator's website to get some tips on what you can add to your own mini site.

4. Pick a domain name to achieve the highest hits. Your domain name should be keyword related to your site's subject - You want to keep your domain name keyword related so the search engines will love you and your customers will find your web site listed at the top of their search.

5. Get a domain name for each product you are selling - There are web hosts that are offering cheap rates for more than one domain name. Do a search and you should be able to find prices as low as $8.00-$9.00 per domain name.

6. In your pay-per-click advertising, buy a number one and a number two position for your product - This will ensure that you are at least at the top of the search with one of your pay-per-click ad campaigns.

7. From your affiliate page, don't come on with a hard sell. Leave that for the site you direct your visitors to - You want to soft sell your customers once you get them to your site. Make sure to give your customers plenty of benefits. Be specific about the benefits and direct the customer toward the "buy".

There you have it. These are excellent starters to get that affiliate site up and running and pulling in the profits.

Remember to ask yourself the following questions when deciding on your affiliate product and the advertising.

"Exactly who will this product or service appeal to? Who will buy it?"

Try to put yourself in their place. If you think like your buyers do, you'll be able to set up your mini site to appeal to them and them alone.

To your affiliate success.

Janis Rae Searcey

I love a good niche, especially one that will produce great profits. Learn to find where the profits are and you'll find the products and niches that produce. http://www.homebusiness.alwaysads.com


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