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GTK - Language Bindings
...omplete means that we think it will reach complete; status soon; supported means that the project targets that version of API, or an earlier API compatible version; none means that... ... GTK+ 2.6 C++ gtkmm complete complete complete complete Java java gnome supported supported complete complete Perl gtk2 perl supported supported complete complete Python PyGTK</a c... ...ete almost complete in progress C++ Xfce Foundation Classes none complete in progress VDK supported supporte... ...d supported wxWindows/Gtk supported supported supported C# Gtk# supported supported in progress Common Lisp CL GTK almost complete D DUI supported supported supported Eiffel eGTK s... ...supported EiffelVision, GEL supported supported supported Erlang erlgtk supported supported supported Euphoria eugtk none supported supported Felix felix none supported supported G...
http://www.gtk.org/bindings.html 10.6 k

MaraDNS - a security-aware DNS server
... works, of course 2005.06.07 maradns 1.1.39: MaraDNS now has full authoritative only ipv6 support 2005.06.05... ...fetchzone tool. More details in in the maradns 1.1.37 fetchzone_security.patch file Added support for dos_protection_level which will disable certain M... ... for very highly loaded servers or for surviving denial of service attacks. Wrote code to support binding to ipv6 addres... ... continue when I get ip6 up and going on my Fedora Core 3 box. 2005.05.28 maradns 1.1.37: Support for stars at the e... ...nd of hostnames is finished. Added ability to compile MaraDNS without recursive support; this makes the binary 20% smaller and not need the pthread library. 2005.05.21 maradns 1.1....
http://www.maradns.org/changelog.html 116.7 k

Cascading Style Sheets
...ML and a subset of SVG that are styled with CSS. Output in PDF. This version improves CSS support and allows P... ...FO. It has special support for XHTML and supports CSS columns and named pages. Java, Open source 2005 08 19 Disruptive Innovations published CSS Selector builder 0.11 , a program t... ...tools, layout templates, support for handheld media, etc. Mac OS X & Windows, free trial 2005 04 11 Maurício Samy Silva publishes CSS desde o início, the Brazilian Portuguese trans... ...iest way to start experimenting with style sheets is to download one of the browsers that support CSS. Not all of the browsers below implement the full specification, but releases ... ...electors support. Open Source, Linux/Unix 2005 02 11 ANT offers Galio and Fresco, which are small footprint embedded browsers for IPTV and digital home entertainment products. Supp...
http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS/ 47.3 k

RFC 2616 (rfc2616) - Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1
... 505 HTTP Version Not Supported ...........................71 11 Access Authentication ........................................71 12 Content Negotiation .............................. ...ation between user agents and proxies/gateways to other Internet systems, including those supported by the SMTP [16], NNTP [13], FTP [1... ...PDAs with low power radio links and intermittent connectivity. The goal of HTTP/1.1 is to support the wide diversity of configurations already deployed while ... ... MUST, gateways MAY, and tunnels MUST NOT upgrade the request to the highest version they support. The proxy/gateway's response to that request MUST be in the same major version as... ...s above 255 bytes, because some older client or proxy implementations might not properly support these lengths. 3.2.2 http URL The http scheme is used to locate network resources v...
http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2616.html 396.4 k

...wnload . It contains a fair few more translations and also an important change to the ICQ support. If you are using ICQ you will need ... ... for Mandrake 9.1 are also available. Support for other distributions is likely to appear over the next few weeks. No great changes since the last development version just added an... ...alian translations added. Thanks to Pascal Billery Schneider and Ceoldo Costantino. Added support for Novell Netware 5/6 NCP File system ... ...cols. Fixes and tweaks to NFS, mountd, IRC, pcAnywhere, HTTP Multiple DHCP interfaces are supported. Enjoy. SBE 17 August, 2003 Redhat 9 RPMs for 2.1.8 a... ...e above. = SBE 7 March, 2002 Development version 1.9.12 is out. Some more bug fixes, and support for CDDB, MSN Messenger, VNC and PPTP has been added. Please test things out and re...
http://www.simonzone.com/software/guarddog/ 73.6 k

phpMyAdmin 2.7.0-dev - Documentation
...t to display inline thumbnails of JPEGs with the original aspect ratio, you also need GD2 support in PHP Starting with phpMyAdmin 2.6.1, MIME based transformations ... ...a set of predefined functions, like displaying BLOB data as image or download link or ... support InnoDB tables and... ... foreign keys see FAQ 3.6 support mysqli, the improved MySQL extension see FAQ 1.17 communicate in 50 different languages phpMyAdmin can compress Zip, GZip RFC 1952 or Bzip2 format... ...rts if you use PHP4 >= 4.0.4 with Zlib support with zlib and/or Bzip2 support with bz2 . Installation NOTE: phpMyAdmin does not apply any special security methods to the MySQL data... ...on into a newly unpacked one. Old configuration files will be supported for a very long time. Using authentication modes HTTP and cookie authentication modes are recommended in a m...
http://www.phpmyadmin.net/documentation/ 177.9 k

Plesk Support
...Plesk Support Support SWsoft can only be as successful as our customers. We take pride in providing our clients with timely, helpful and efficient support. To that end we provide a... ...t options including direct contact with the Support Team through your Plesk software. Before contacting support you may want to check your software to make sure its the latest patc... ...to fix issues as they arrive and recommend that you check your version before you contact support. Fix issues are listed in the release notes for new builds which you can read o... ...n our Patches page . Free Support For the first 30 days following the purchase of your Plesk product, you will receive free support through our Online Support System. To enter requ... ...go to our Server Support Online Form . More sections on our site to Additional locations where you can get help and support from: Documentation Plesk 7.5 Reloaded for Linux/Unix Pl...
http://www.swsoft.com/en/support/plesk/ 24.6 k

SOAP Version 1.2 Part 1: Messaging Framework
...P SupportedEnvelope Element SOAP QName Attribute VersionMismatch Example 5.4.8 SOAP mustUnderstand Faults SOAP NotUnderstood Element SOAP QName Attr... ...cribed by XML Schema [XML Schema Part 2] . Unless otherwise stated, all lexical forms are supported for each such attribute, and lexical forms representing ... ...s. Also, limiting use of SOAP to small messages instead of arbitrarily sized messages and supporting only a few specific message types instead of implementing generalized process... ...via zero or more SOAP intermediaries. Note that the SOAP distributed processing model can support many MEPs including but ... ... whether it supports the version of a SOAP message on a per message basis. In this context support means understanding the semantics of that version of a SOAP envelope. The version...
http://www.w3.org/TR/2003/REC-soap12-part1-20030624/ 159.4 k

Using Web Standards in Your Web Pages
...Using Web Standards in Your Web Pages Skip to main content Mozilla About Developers Store Support Products search mozilla: Roadmap Projects Coding Module Owners Hacking Get the Sou... ...ser quirk oriented markup of the 1990s often because they don't realize it is possible to support current standards while accommodating old browsers. Web Standards... ...Mozilla and Netscape 6/7, do not support these non compliant elements and these proprietary DOM collections. This article provides an overview of the process for upgrading the cont... ... do not support layer and ilayer elements . The document.layers[] collection of objects and other specific features of the Netscape 4 Layer DOM are not supported either and are dis... ...browsers which do not support IFRAME like Netscape 4 will render its content: here, it is a link. In this manner, accessibility to content content degradation for older browsers is...
http://www.mozilla.org/docs/web-developer/upgrade_2.html 58.8 k

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
...t is meant to be stable and therefore does not provide specific information about browser support for different technologies as that information changes rapidly. Instead, t... ...he Web Accessibility Initiative WAI Web site provides such information refer to [WAI UA SUPPORT] . This document includes an appendix that organizes all of the checkpoints by topic... ...y than the current document. Note. Not all browsers or multimedia tools may support the features described in the guidelines. In particular, new features of HTML 4.0 or CSS 1 or CS... ... Some users may not be able to see images, others may use text based browsers that do not support images, while others may have turned off support for im... ... Once user agents support style sheet positioning, tables should not be used for layout. Refer also to checkpoint 3.3 . Techniques for checkpoint 5.3 5.4 If a table is used for lay...
http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG10/ 124.0 k

H-Sphere hosting control panel - a multi-server web hosting solution
...ng Control Panel Features | Demo | Free Trial | Buy | Versions | Patches&Updates | Docs | Support H Sphere is a... ...d works with any SQL compliant database. It runs only industry standard software. Outline Supported OS Servers Requirements Security Pricing Hosting Control ... ...ng: Complete automation for Linux, FreeBSD and Windows platforms Billing solution Over 20 Supported Merchant Gatewa... ...ys Flexibility at all levels Multilingual support Virtual Private Servers Private label resellers User friendly control panel Comprehensive set of hosting features H Sphere follows... ...be added on the fly. H Sphere Supported Operating Systems We support the following nix versions: Operating System Supported OS Version Trustix&trade; Secure Linux Trustix&trade; Se...
http://www.psoft.net/h_sphere2_info.html 27.0 k

MySQL AB :: Dispelling the Myths
...ers Online Shop Downloads Documentation Forums Lists Bugs Events User Groups Guilds Blogs Support Resources Books FAQ Dispelling the M... ...mmon: MYTH: MySQL is a new, untested database management system MYTH: MySQL doesn&rsquo;t support transactions like other p... ... support large corporations need MYTH: MySQL isn&rsquo;t open source any more At the end of the article, references to additional resources are also provided where you can find mor... ...ility of MySQL that is enjoyed today. MySQL Myth #2: &ldquo; MySQL doesn&rsquo;t support transactions like other proprietary database engines &rdquo; The truth : MySQL offers one o... ...a particular application need. One of the most popular engines is InnoDB, which supports transactional database requirements. The InnoDB engine has been GA production with MySQL fo...
http://dev.mysql.com/tech-resources/articles/dispelling-the-myths.html 21.8 k

JSMsg JavaScript Syndication and Content Sharing Convention -- Creativyst(R), Explored, Designed, Delivered.(sm)
...t Syndication Home Products Support/Doc Developers Forums Associates ? Contact | News | Glossary | Site O f I n t e r e s t JSMsg Information º Icon: º JSMsg Basics º Free! Display... ...d, it operates completely within the existing HTTP framework. <! If you develop JavaScripts that display web page information in creative and visually appealing ways Supporting JSM... ... sort, adding JSMsg support to your application will make your content easier for others to use. Why support yet another syndication format, when you already do RSS? Well, unlike o... ... people on both sides of this equation who use it, the more useful it becomes. Support JSMsg today and help make web publishing just a little easier for everyone. <! JSMsg is flexi... ...g client capabilities added to them. Such scripts will be enhanced by JSMsg support because they will no longer need to ask their users to change the static information to be displ...
http://www.creativyst.com/Doc/Std/JSMsg/JSMsg.htm 78.1 k

Mac Error Codes
...fied but is required error 10063 telDisplayModeNotSupp: display mode not supported by tool error 10062 telBadDisplayMode: bad display mode specified error 10061 telFwdTypeNotSupp: ... ...ported by tool error 10060 telDNTypeNotSupp: DN type not supported by tool error 10059 telBadRate: bad rate specified error 10058 telBadBearerType: bad bearerType specified error 1... ...d is too high for this configuration error 10033 telFeatNotSupp: feature program call not supported by this tool error 10032 telFeatActive: feature alrea... ...0030 telFeatNotSub: feature not subscribed error 10024 telDNDTypeNotSupp: DND type is not supported by this tool err... ...dDNDType: bad DND type specified error 10022 telIntExtNotSupp: internal external type not supported by this tool error 10021 telBadIntExt: bad internal external error error 10020 t...
http://www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs/user/lenzo/html/mac_errors.html 58.3 k

Web Page Development: Best Practices
...rer 5 only supports Quirks Mode The Opera 7 DOCTYPE Switches There is no official list for Explorer 5 on Mac, but CSS guru Eric Meyer has summarized the differences. Safari follows... ...nment in CSS. Horizontal alignment wholly depends on the float declaration, which, though supported by all modern browsers, is supported according to two different models , wit... ...h minor variations even between browsers that support the same model. These problems aren't unsolvable; coding a simple four block layout with the float declaration is quite possib... ...ll browsers support CSS fully. If you've honestly tried to use CSS but encountered serious browser incompatibilities in the rough positioning of the content blocks, you should swit... ...ou shouldn't find these with other browsers : Box model . Explorer 5 for Windows does not support the W3C box model. Explorer 6 does, but only in Strict mode. The W3C box model def...
http://developer.apple.com/internet/webcontent/bestwebdev.html 33.4 k

SSH : Support
... | Sitemap | Purchase Download Resources Contact Home Company Solutions Products Services Support Partners Investors Product Support User Documentation Downloads FAQ Cryptogra... ...phy A Z Contact Use the extensive online information for product support on SSH Tectia products. If you cannot find the information that you are looking for, then you can request a... ...r support team. Our technical services engineers are working closely with development in order to provide expert technical support for our customers. Please note that technical sup... ...rcial users with a valid maintenance agreement. If you would like to learn more about SSH Support Services, please visit SSH Tectia Support Services pages . NOTE: SSH Secure Shell ... ...ames have changed to SSH Tectia from version 4.0 Support by product Choose product and version below: all products SSH Tectia Connector SSH Tectia Client SSH Tectia Server SSH Tect...
http://www.ssh.org/support/ 32.6 k

RFC 1893 (rfc1893) - Enhanced Mail System Status Codes
...nder and the receiver, both of whom must support a common set of supported content types. X.7.X Security or Policy Status The security or policy status codes report failures involv... ...stem not capable of selected features Selected features specified for the message are not supported by the destination system. This can occur in gateways when features from one dom... ...ain cannot be mapped onto the supported feature in another. X.3.4 Message too big for system The message is larger than per message size limit. This limit may either be for physica... ...lem cannot be well expressed with any of the other provided detail codes. X.6.1 Media not supported The media of the message is not supported by either the d... ...supports 8bit transport but is not able to downgrade the message to 7 bit as required for the next hop. X.6.4 Conversion with loss performed This is a warning sent to the sender wh...
http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1893.html 28.1 k

Internet Firewalls: Frequently Asked Questions
...t they cost now, but continuing costs such as support. On the technical side, there are a couple of decisions to make, based on the fact that for all practical purposes what we are... ... traffic from passing directly between networks. Many proxies contain extra logging or support for user authentication. Since proxies must ``understand'' the application protocol b... ...incoming FTP and block outgoing FTP . Proxy servers are application specific. In order to support a new pro... ...doesn't support the addition of authentication hooks or protocol specific logging. For more information on SOCKS, see http://www.socks.nec.com/ . 3.4 What are some cheap packet scr... ...alability. On busy systems, memory is extremely important. You have to have enough RAM to support every instance of e...
http://www.interhack.net/pubs/fwfaq/ 123.9 k

NSS and SSL Error Codes
...Skip to main content Mozilla About Developers Store Support Products search mozilla: Roadmap Projects Coding Module Owners Hacking Get the Source Build It Testing Releases Nightly ... ...cription SSL_ERROR_EXPORT_ONLY_SERVER 12288 Unable to communicate securely. Peer does not support high grade encryption. The local system was configured to support the cipher suite... ...rmitted for domestic use. The remote system was configured to support only the cipher suites permitted for export use. SSL_ERROR_US_ONLY_SERVER 12287 Unable to communicate securely... ... grade encryption which is not supported. The remote system was configured to support the cipher suites permitted for domestic use. The local system was configured to support only ... ...eans the remote server has attempted to negotiate the use of a version of SSL that is not supported by the NSS library, probably an invalid version number. On a ...
http://www.mozilla.org/projects/security/pki/nss/ref/ssl/sslerr.html 85.5 k

Firewalls FAQ
... evaluate firewalls not only in terms of what they cost now, but continuing costs such as support. On the technical side, there are a couple of decisions to make, based on the fact... ...ent traffic from passing directly between networks. Many proxies contain extra logging or support for user authentication.... ...going FTP . Proxy servers are application specific. In order to support a new protocol via a proxy, a proxy must be developed for it. One popular set of proxy servers is the TIS In... ...rk through a firewall. Its advantage is that it's easy to use, but it doesn't support the addition of authentication hooks or protocol specific logging. For more information on SOC... ...alability. On busy systems, memory is extremely important. You have to have enough RAM to support every instance of every program neces...
http://www.faqs.org/faqs/firewalls-faq/ 103.3 k

Mozilla LDAP C SDK: Chapter - 19 Result Codes
...Skip to main content Mozilla About Developers Store Support Products search mozilla: Roadmap Projects Coding Module Owners Hacking Get the Source Build It Testing Releases Nightly ... ...Virtual List View Control. Note that versions of the Directory Server prior to 4.0 do not support the virtual list view c... ...result code indicates that the LDAP client is attempting to use functionality that is not supported. The LDAP API libra... ...arse the incoming request. The request specifies an attribute type that uses a syntax not supported by the server. The ... ...lient. Note that the Directory Server 3.x and 4.0 do not support the ability to move an entry from under one DN to another DN. If you specify a new superior DN, the request will no...
http://www.mozilla.org/directory/csdk-docs/error.htm 48.2 k

Protocols for Interworking: XNFS, Version 3W - Semantic Difference Summary for File Access
...m semantics would be supported. Users or applications using an XCU utility or XSH function could therefore rely on described behaviour and error codes being returned as described i... ... instead of the possibly desired remote device. This includes the FIFO special file type, support... ... process may be unable to create a remote special file, either because the server doesn't support special files at all [EOPNOTSUPP] , or becau... ...se the server doesn't support the requested special file type [EINVAL] . See also Special Files for semantic differences that can arise when accessing special files with Version 2 ... ... support the NLM protocol, typically by running the XNFS lock server. This XNFS specification does not specify any mechanism whereby a client can determine whether a server provide...
http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9629799/apdxa.htm 61.2 k

How To Compile PHP and Apache 2 From Source On Linux
...ist of options supported by configure, type: $ ./configure help It will show a complete list of all options supported by the version of Apache that you have downloaded. These optio... ...databases from PHP and which extensions have to be compiled etc. To see a list of options supported by PHP configure, type: $ ./configure help It'll show a list of all options supp... ...i , but instead use with config file path=/wwwroot/php . Fourth option with mysql enables support to access mysql d... ...e somewhere under section Dynamic Shared Object DSO Support . Under this section, on a new line, add the above line. Note All lines that start with a # are comments and are ignored... ... name of the extension or option you want to enable. For a list of core configure options supported by PHP see http://www.php.net/manual/en/configure.php . To find out all configur...
http://www10.brinkster.com/ssruprai/comphp.asp 40.6 k

Buying H-Sphere - Positive Software Corporation
... licenses pricing support pricing upgrade pricing ordering Installation Pricing There is a non refundable $95 setup fee to have H Sphere installed on any number of boxes by our ins... ...icenses you need. To install licenses into H Sphere, see Getting Started in Admin Guide . Support Pricing Prices for H Sphere ... ...support depend on support plan you choose. Upgrade Pricing Upon their releases, upgrades are made publicly available for free download to all owners of H Sphere for one year since ... ...fter that there is 20% of the total licensing fee per year for another year of upgrades & support. Alternatively, you can request H Sphere upgrade from our support team at $25/hour... ...sribed for the priority support plan , our support team performs version upgrades for free on request. Ordering To order: Installation: see H Sphere Installation Request Procedure ...
http://www.psoft.net/buy_hsphere.html 12.8 k

Whitepaper - Winsock Error Codes
... is not valid for a remote machine e.g. port 0 . WSAEAFNOSUPPORT 10047 Address family not supported by protocol family. An address incompatib... ...045 Operation not supported. The attempted operation is not supported for the type of object referenced. Usually this occurs when a socket descriptor to a socket that cannot suppor... ...ng to accept a connection on a datagram socket. WSAEPFNOSUPPORT 10046 Protocol family not supported. The protocol family has not been configured into the system or no implementatio... ...hed. WSAEPROTONOSUPPORT 10043 Protocol not supported. The requested protocol has not been configured into the system, or no implementation for it exists. For example, a socketcall ... ... wrong type for socket. A protocol was specified in the socketfunction call that does not support the semantics of the socket typ...
http://www.dte.net/winsock_error.htm 23.1 k

mod_perl: mod_perl Installation
... under Unix. It doesn't work on the Win32 platform for example. Dynamic Shared Object DSO support Besides Windows NT support this is one of most interesting featu... ...oo or by explicitly adding mod_so via: ./configure enable module=so APache eXtenSion APXS support tool This is a new support tool from Ap... ...perl as a DSO outside the Apache source tree via the new Apache 1.3 support tool apxs APache eXtension . The advantage is obvious: you can extend an already installed Apache with m... ...This will build the DSO libperl.so outside the Apache source tree with the new Apache 1.3 support... ... a typical distribution's CDs use mod_perl built with Apache's Dynamic Shared Objects DSO support. While mod_perl can be successfully used as a DSO module, it adds a layer of compl...
http://perl.apache.org/docs/1.0/guide/install.html 203.6 k

Error Codes - SamLogic Internet Components
...ot support the semantics of the socket type requested. For example, the ARPA Internet UDP protocol cannot be specified with a socket type of SOCK_STREAM. 10042 WSAENOPROTOOPT Bad p... ...l was specified in a getsockopt or setsockopt call. 10043 WSAEPROTONOSUPPORT Protocol not supported. The requested protocol has not been configured into th... ...K_DGRAM socket, but specifies a stream protocol. 10044 WSAESOCKTNOSUPPORT Socket type not supported. The support... ...ptional type SOCK_RAW might be selected in a socket call, and the implementation does not support SOCK_RAW socke... ...ts at all. 10045 WSAEOPNOTSUPP Operation not supported. The attempted operation is not supported for the type of object referenced. Usually this occurs when a socket descriptor to ...
http://www.samlogic.net/components/errorcodes.htm 26.8 k

Server Virtualization VPS, Control Panel, Website Builder, Datacenter Automation Software
...ed account provisioning scalable to tens of thousands of accounts. More... PEM Operations Support Sy... ...stem OSS and Business Support System BSS is the 3rd generation distributed, modular, multi tier hosting automation platform that is scalable to millions of customer accounts, custo... ...etwork Partners with SWsoft to Better Support Dedicated Hosting Customers Media Coverage OpenHost Partners with SWsoft SWsoft Officially Launches New Hosting Integration Platform M... ...Online! How to Buy Contact Feedback Online Forum 0 Home News and Events Products Partners Support Download About SWsoft 1994 2005 SWsoft, Inc. All rights rese... ...filiate Program Current Partners HostAdvantage Initiative Partner Website Content Program Support Programs FAQ ...
http://www.sw-soft.com/ 27.2 k

PHP: List of Supported Protocols/Wrappers - Manual
...ng from PHP/FI 2 to PHP 3 Debugging PHP Configure options php.ini directives List of Supported Timezones Extension Categorization List of Function Aliases List of Reserved Words Li... ... List of Supported Protocols/Wrappers List of Available Filters List of Supported Socket Transports PHP type comparison tables List of Parser Tokens About the manual Open Publicati... ...k Spanish Swedish version of this page Last updated: Sun, 09 Oct 2005 Appendix M. List of Supported Proto... ...ptionally searched for relative paths as well. &#13; Table M 1. Wrapper Summary Attribute Supported Restricted by allow_url_fopen . No Allows Reading Yes Allows Writing Yes All... ...ows Appending Yes Allows Simultaneous Reading and Writing Yes Supports stat Yes Supports unlink Yes Supports rename Yes Supports mkdir Yes Supports rmdir Yes add a note User Contri...
http://www.php.net/manual/en/wrappers.php 18.9 k

Open Source Initiative OSI - Welcome
...a lively business in selling open source based solutions. In particular, the services and support that customers need can be done most effectively with an entirely open source syst... ...dhelds can run Linux, too. HP also offers integrated support options for commercial customers who want support running open source systems on their HP or Compaq servers. HP has yet... ...Sun Sun uses Linux on a line of small servers originally made by Cobalt. In addition, Sun supports open source development efforts such as the Forte IDE for Java, and the... ...s launched an open source site . Since that time, SGI has dropped most support for it's proprietary Unix variant, and focused its energy on running Linux on its high end products. ... ... Windows and Unix, ActiveState provides sophisticated integrated tools, with professional support, for commercial softwar...
http://www.opensource.org/docs/products.php 20.0 k

Virtuozzo – Server Virtualization – VPS
... as upgrades and updates Reduce the number of required physical servers and corresponding support Minimize software license and support requirements... ...Online! How to Buy Contact Feedback Online Forum 0 Home News and Events Products Partners Support Download About SWsoft 1994 2005 SWsoft, Inc. All rights reserved. Powered by A... ...filiate Program Current Partners HostAdvantage Initiative Partner Website Content Program Support Programs FAQ Maintenance SUS Pl... ...esk Support Plesk Expand Support HSPcomplete Support Virtuozzo Support SiteBuilder Support Confixx Support Technical Training End of Life Policy Plesk Products Plesk Patches Plesk ...
http://www.swsoft.com/en/products/virtuozzo/ 21.9 k

Plesk – Leading Multi-Platform Hosting Control Panel
...r installations on September 30th 2005. As of this date, SWsoft will no longer be able to support, patch, troubleshoot... ..., or answer support issues related to this release or earlier versions. It is strongly recommended that if you are still operating a system with Plesk 6.0 for Linux/UNIX or older s... ...Online! How to Buy Contact Feedback Online Forum 0 Home News and Events Products Partners Support Download About SWsoft 1994 2005 SWsoft, Inc. All rights re... ...filiate Program Current Partners HostAdvantage Initiative Partner Website Content Program Support Programs FA... ...Q Maintenance SUS Plesk Support Plesk Expand Support HSPcomplete Support Virtuozzo Support SiteBuilder Support Confixx Support Technical Training End of Life Policy Plesk Products...
http://www.swsoft.com/en/plesk/ 26.7 k

Global Spin: Database-Backed Web Sites
... Note that Apache::DBI does not require the Apache server to be used. Any Web server that supports a persistent Perl environment see Chapter 10 can use Apache::DBI by placing the u... ...important to note that not all databases and DBI drivers support placeholders, and some drivers support placeholders differently than others. The examples in this chapter should wo... ...mething that a standard table otherwise would not support. A single record in the normalized table can store an arbitrary number of values for each field, as opposed to a single va... ...cessary to reexecute the query whenever a snapshot update is necessary. Not all databases support snapshots–Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Informix do, but MySQL and... ...MySQL Example Database systems can vary significantly in terms of their support of ANSI SQL and proprietary additions to it. The examples in this chapter are written for a common d...
http://www.globalspin.com/thebook/chapter14.html 95.1 k

Exup FAQs
...urage:mac Site Index | Site Map | Advanced Search | Search Tips Home | Glossary | Links | Support FAQs 2004 | Wha... ...calendars supported? Entourage 2004 does not support public calendars in Exchange public folders. You should be able to access your GAL GCL through Directory Services. For more inf... ...y all public folders are read only for me when using entourage v.X I have heard that 2004 supports transferring messages to and f... ...rom public folders, but does it support posting notes directly to public folders? Only if said public folder has a corresponding email address you can send to. Entourage 2004 allow... ...e lockouts. 13 Does Entourage 2004 exchange support allow us to store our 'rules' on the server? You can set up these rules through Outlook Web Access. A poor second place to doing...
http://www.entourage.mvps.org/exchange/faqs.html 42.7 k

perlop - perldoc.perl.org
...r greater than the right argument. If your platform supports NaNs not a numbers as numeric values, using them with = returns undef. NaN is not , == , , = or = anything even NaN , s... ...se. NaN != NaN returns true, as does NaN != anything else. If your platform doesn't support NaNs then NaN is just a string with numeric value 0. perl le '$a = NaN; print No NaN sup... ...a' perl le '$a = NaN; print NaN support here if $a != $a' Binary eq returns true if the left argument is stringwise equal to the right argument. Binary ne returns true if the left ... ...tion to match the beginning of the string. Note also that, currently, \G is only properly supported when anchor... ...ks do not affect standard error, use shell file descriptor syntax assuming the shell supports this if you care to address this. To capture a command's STDERR and STDOUT together: $...
http://perldoc.perl.org/perlop.html 157.2 k

Spyware Warrior
...Permalink | Filed under: Spyware/Adware in the News 10/3/2005 Microsoft security info and support Blogged at ZDNet.... ...important factoid I learned at the MVP Summit was that Microsoft has a toll free customer support number for help with security issues such as trojans, worms, ... ...rootkits etc. There is also security help and support page for IT professionals . Said Suzi @ 10:53 pm Comments 0 | Permalink | Filed under: General 10/2/2005 Spyware Catch Up My a... ...arch Blog Support Spyware Warrior Archives October 2005 September 2005 August 2005 July 2005 June 2005 May 2005 April 2005 March 2005 February 2005 January 2005 December 2004 Novem... ...ines in a pickle Third adware company sued: eXact Advertising Microsoft security info and support Spyware Catch Up Active...
http://www.netrn.net/spywareblog/ 75.6 k

perlvar - perldoc.perl.org
...rno variable is supported in C, its value is returned via $? if any gethost function fails. If you have installed a signal handler for SIGCHLD , the value of $? will usually be wro... ...you're running setuid. $ and $ can be swapped only on machines supporting setreuid . $REAL_GROUP_ID $GID $ The real gid of this process. If you are on a machine that supports membe... ...right for you, if you're running setgid. $ , $ , $ and $ can be set only on machines that support t... ...he corresponding set[re][ug]id routine. $ and $ can be swapped only on machines supporting setregid . $PROGRAM_NAME $0 Contains the name of the program being executed. On some read... ... second part describes the output layers. $PERLDB $^P The internal variable for debugging support. The m...
http://perldoc.perl.org/perlvar.html 95.9 k

O'Reilly Network: P3P: Privacy Primer
...els Nice Hotels Atlantic City Hotels Waco Hotels oreillynet.com supported by: Computer Community Print Email Discuss Trackbacks Blog this Bookmark with del.icio.us P3P: Privacy Pri... ...hat web pages that violated the parent's standards would not be displayed. The P3P system supports many of these concepts. Instead of using the formalisms of PICS to rat... ...mission. Internet Explorer 6.0 contains limited support for P3P as described in the next section ; Netscape Navigator 6.0 contains none. For information on how to create a P3P poli... ...e, see P3P: A more detailed look . Support for P3P in Internet Explorer 6.0 Internet Explorer 6.0 contains limited support for P3P. This support is limited to support for P3P's so ... ... describe how a site uses information collected through the use of cookies. IE6 uses this support to determine whether or not the user should accept a cookie from a given web site....
http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/network/excerpt/p3p/p3p.html 37.3 k

SSL Information Center - SSL Feature Descriptions from VeriSign, Inc.
...pport All VeriSign SSL services include technical support from experienced professionals during regular business hours by toll free phone number, email, or chat. Issues are address... ...d no more than 24 hours, according to severity level. An online support knowledge base and support documents provide additional assistance at all times. After the first 60 days, Ma... ...stomers can purchase a Gold Support plan with extended help desk support during business hours for 2 administrators. Issues are addressed in as few as 4 hours and no more than 24, ... ...y level. SSL Support Back to Top 30 Day Replacement VeriSign will replace your SSL Certificate within 30 days of issuance at no cost. A $100 replacement fee applies after 30 days. ... ...L Resources More Current SSL Customers Renew Now Buy Additional VeriSign Secured Seal SSL Support More Wo...
http://www.verisign.com/products-services/security-services/ssl/ssl-information-center/ssl-features-description/index.html 54.4 k

...d latest changes. There are several questions that crop up frequently relating to PKCS#12 support in OpenSSL. After replying to the same things several times I decided to wr... ... OpenSSL 0.9.7 or later and supply the CSP name using the cspname parameter. Not all CSPs support key import so this may not work. MSIE Authenticode issues. My thanks to M... .... Q. What encryption is used in the files? A. Depends on which files you mean. PKCS#12 supports the following encryption algorithms. 128 bit RC4 with SHA1 40 bit RC4 with SHA1 3 ke... ...cided to clarify the supported encryption of various implementations with a table. Software and mode. Certificate encryption Private key encryption MSIE4 domestic and export versio... ...strongest encryption supported by all implementations is used in the pkcs12 application: 3DES for private keys and RC2 40 for certificates. The descert option allows certificates t...
http://www.drh-consultancy.demon.co.uk/pkcs12faq.html 34.9 k

ModemHelp.Org Windows DUN Error Codes
... ModemHelp.Org Init Strings | Drivers | Support Sites | HighSpeed | Product Reviews | Command Sets | Home Init Strings Manufacturer Support Sites Driver Sites Troubleshooting Help ... ...es Modem Command Sets Where to put inits? High Speed Alternatives Remote Access Server Support Monthly Webstats Product Reviews Windows DUN/RAS Error Codes I know its a long list. ... ...al problem/solution is the same. Note: These 'solutions' are recomendations based on tech support reps experience with the error code... ... A NetBIOS error has occurred. 641 The server cannot allocate NetBIOS resources needed to support the client. 642 One of your NetBIOS names is already registered o... ...o long. 701 The device moved to a BPS rate not supported by the COM driver. 702 Device response received when none expected. 703 ERROR INTERACTIVE MODE 704 ERROR BAD CALLBACK NUMBE...
http://www.modemhelp.org/troubleshooting/ 39.0 k

Introducing SSL and Certificates
..., for those who want to understand what is involved with providing SSL support in a server, with examples. 2. Cryptographic Techniques Understanding SSL requires an understanding o... ...atures on messages for integrity, and encryption for privacy. The protocol is designed to support a range of choices for specific algorithms used fo... ...0 expired Internet Draft revisions to prevent specific security attacks, add ciphers, and support certif... ...ver to choose a Cipher Suite which both of them can support. The SSL 3.0 protocol specification defines 31 Cipher Suites. A Cipher Suite consists of: Key Exchange Method Cipher for... ...ient and server. SSL 2.0 uses RSA key exchange, and SSL 3.0 supports a choice of key exchange algorithms, including the RSA key exchange when certificates are used, and Diffie Hell...
http://www.pseudonym.org/ssl/old/ssl_intro.html 28.5 k

cPanel Help, FAQ, Scripts, and How To's
...en we are adding any domain, Warning the DNS MASTER system is depreciated and will not be supported in new releases. You should switch to using clustering for DNS. Can you let me w... ...uld be appreciated. Thanks Todd answer 2004 05 15 17:48 delara Errors and Resolutions: == support@mydomain... ...led in cpanel able to support Frontpage 2003? What is the reason why the some of the folders _derived & _overlay are not able to create & publish into the host? Thks answer 2004 11... ...g cPanel: Does CPanel support Stealth URL Forwarding in dealing with private DNS servers? I asked my host company and they said they did not think that Cpanel did. If this is the i... ... to log into my WHM it was not available. I have contacted support and they said that they are busy working on the problem. Today I can log into my WHM but no website in my WHM wan...
http://www.cpanelfaq.com/open.html 100.9 k

SSL Digital Certificate Technical Support - thawte
...ical Support [ Contact us 24x5 ] Support Home Search our knowledge base Enter criteria to find instructions/error messages or enter your solution number directly vs21111 Read our f... ...structions ssl123 certificate installation instructions Contact our support team 24x5 technical support chat For assistance with key generation, installation, trouble shooting and ... ...tomer support chat For assistance with order status, documentation and order related queries: email support Please provide us with all the relevant information by completing our em... ...support +27 21 937 8999 Try our top solutions Retrieve your lost thawte ID and password Generate a CSR Test your CSR Backup your Private Key Buy a certificate Required documentatio... ...ing certificate? Sign all your code with a Microsoft Authenticode Certificate Supported browser software Click here for more top solutions. About thawte | Consumer Awareness | © t...
http://www.thawte.com/ssl-digital-certificates/technical-support/ 24.7 k

IPCop.org :: The bad packets stop here!
...IPCop.org :: The bad packets stop here! IPCop Website Home Downloads Advisories Support Docs FAQ Road Map Welcome ! Oct 16, 2005 09:38 AM Menu &middot; Home &middot; Mission Statem... ...dot; Donations &middot; Downloads &middot; Screenshots &middot; Addons &middot; IPCop Art Support &middot; Documentation &middot; FAQ &middot; Advisories &middot; Support Website &... ...hanged since 1.4.8 Download files names slightly change : for possible other architecture support in th... ...include: New pulsar driver 4.0.15 Squid 2.5STABLE7 Conexant driver update ECI ADSL Nortek support DNSmasq 2.17 latest versions of apache, openssl many bug fixes ... ...p 1.4.0 ISO is available for Alpha processors. It has some limitations in that it doesn't support the following hardware: Conexant PCI ADSL cards Fritz DSL Pulsar driver Bewan driv...
http://www.ipcop.org/ 84.5 k

mod_perl: Performance Tuning
...ether your platform/flavor is supported. GTop provides an API for retrieval of information about processes and the whole system. We are interested only in memory sampling API metho... ...ut your OS. Sharing Memory The sharing of memory is one very important factor. If your OS supports it and most sane systems do , you... ...he MaxClients directive sets the limit on the number of simultaneous requests that can be supported. No more than this number of child server processes will be created. To configur... ...uch real memory a child occupies. Your children can share memory between them when the OS supports that. You must take action t... ...ost each comparison we will provide the theoretical difference and then run benchmarks to support the theory, since however good the theory its the numbers we get in practice that ...
http://perl.apache.org/docs/1.0/guide/performance.html 334.2 k

Internet firewalls: Frequently asked questions
...ivities E Mail & Spam Protect Your Family Child Safety Resources Videos Quizzes Downloads Support Community W... ...ost recent version of the dial up connection software, MSN Explorer 9. This version fully supports Internet Connection F... ...n about upgrading your MSN software or securing your MSN Internet connection, contact MSN support . Q. I have America O... ...ditional information about AOL is available at the AOL Web site . For a list of technical support phone numbers visit the AOL Customer Support page. Q. I am unabl... ...elated to setting up a firewall on your computer or home network, see the Protect Your PC Support page or Use the Internet Connection Firewall . The following non Micro...
http://www.microsoft.com/athome/security/protect/firewall.mspx 63.5 k

H-Sphere--Best in Hosting Automation - Positive Software Corporation
...ion. This robust, secure, and cost effective product is rapidly developing and is heavily supported by qualified system administrators. It possesses the best qualities that will ra... ...g Per user/mailbox antispam and antivirus settings Integrated WebMail IMP or SqWebmail 40 Supported Merchant Gateways and 6 Web Payment Providers Real time payment systems Custom w... ...ity to any number of servers with no downtime Completely brandable interface Multilingual support Flexib... ...sellers User friendly control panel Centralized control Intuitive plan wizards Integrated support center Multiple skins for users Multiple accounts per one ... ... Shared and Dedicated IPs Database hosting MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, and ODBC E commerce support Miva and osCommerce Integrated WebMa...
http://www.psoft.net/promo/ 11.4 k

...es and Support LINUXWORLD, BOOTH #956, San Francisco, Aug. 9, 2005 &mdash; Open Country, a leading provider of Linux systems management tools, today announced that it is sponsoring... ...rvices and support, further broadening Webmin's appeal and use throughout the Linux community. Webmin project founder and architect Jamie Cameron will join Open Country&rsquo;s dev... ...nistration tool continues to thrive and remain Open Source. Through offering services and support, and providing links to a... ... required to drive global adoption.&rdquo; In addition to sponsoring Webmin, Open Country supports Open Source by participating in several standards organi... ...x distributions and software stacks independent of how solutions are adopted, managed and supported, allowing organizations to work with the best available and most cost effective ...
http://www.webmin.com/index9.html 16.5 k

SSH : Services
... | Sitemap | Purchase Download Resources Contact Home Company Solutions Products Services Support Partners Investors Training Courses Support Services Professional Services ... ...rent types of services, from help in the initial deployment of the SSH Tectia solution to support in maintenance stages. Our skillful staff with vast experience in... ..., our Training Center offers a variety of training courses for you. Read more Support Services To meet your specific support and maintenance needs throughout the life cycle of each... ..., we provide a variety of support plan options. Read more Professional Services The dedicated network security experts will assist in the planning, design, and integration of the S... ...ldwide or Sales Inquiry Form. Contact Information Home | Company | Products | Solutions | Support ...
http://www.ssh.org/services/ 22.5 k

P3PEdit: P3P editor, P3P generator, P3P software, P3P policy creation tool
... is the first p3p editor, p3p generator, p3p software, p3p builder and p3p policy tool to support the final W3C Recommendation to create a P3P policy. It is a commercial grade web ... ...cies that allow cookies to be set in internet explorer 6 ie6. Full instructions and email support provided. P3PEdit g... ...examples Technical support Staff review of your P3P implementation P3P Policy updates and changes account login How much does it cost? Creating a P3P policy with P3PEdit costs $49.... ...copies have appeared on the Web, but none provide the ease of use, nor the full technical support provided by P3PEdit, such as ASP, PERL, PHP ... ...scripting support, Apache recompiling and IIS customization. Implementing a P3P policy is usually simple, but if your web host does not support the necessary features to implement ...
http://p3pedit.com/ 9.4 k

MySQL AB :: MySQL 4.1 Downloads
...ers Online Shop Downloads Documentation Forums Lists Bugs Events User Groups Guilds Blogs Support Resources Books FAQ MySQL 4.1 Downlo... ...ork includes MySQL Advisors that help eliminate problems before they occur and production support directly from MySQL supp... ...earn more about the differences between MySQL Community Edition and MySQL Network &raquo; Support , training , and certification are also all available. If you want to be up... ... or are not required for general usage, such as user defined functions UDFs and BIG_TABLE support. When these features have matured and proven ... ...etWare downloads platform notes Note: The following packages require NetWare 6.5 latest Support Pack , and an NSS volume for the data directory. Novell NetWare 6 x86 Standard 4.1.1...
http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/4.1.html 143.6 k

Ensim Pro - Next-generation Hosting Automation Software Designed to Make Your Hosting Business More Successful
... control over the server and their service plan as well as being able to fully manage and support sub resellers. In turn, sub resellers gain full service plan management ove... ...livers tools that reduce your number of support calls. Its powerful delegated administration empowers resellers and site owners to efficiently self manage, thus alleviating the nee... ...as they arise. Reduce costs of sales through reseller channels. Ensim Pro was designed to support multiple levels of resellers and help you lower your sales costs. Ensim Pro dramat... ...strator and user administrator Easy customer self service and support An intuitive user interface features user specific dashboards for frequently asked questions, as well as Quick... ...ntext sensitive Online Help Adva nced support for customizations Branding capabilities allow you to upload individual logos, and update icons and background colors to strengthen yo...
http://www.ensim.com/products/pro/index.html 41.3 k

perlop - Perl operators and precedence - Perl Globe
...ment. If your platform supports NaNs not a numbers as numeric values, using them with = returns undef. NaN is not , == , , = or = anything even NaN , so those 5 return false. NaN !... ...as does NaN != anything else. If your platform doesn't support NaNs then NaN is just a string with numeric value 0. perl le '$a = NaN; print No NaN support here if $a == $a' perl l... ...aN support here if $a != $a' Binary eq returns true if the left argument is stringwise equal to the right argument. Binary ne returns true if the left argument is stringwise not eq... ...ckticks do not affect standard error, use shell file descriptor syntax assuming the shell supports thi... ...be supported on some platforms see perlport . To be safe, you may need to set $| $AUTOFLUSH in English or call the autoflush method of IO::Handle on any open handles. Beware that s...
http://www.perlglobe.com/perlop.html 92.0 k

Product Literature
... Search: United States Products Services Support Downloads Security HQ Partners About Us Solutions for: Home Users Small & Medium Business Enterprise Industry & Government Buy Prod... ...tercept Standard Multi Platform Server Agent Entercept Management System McAfee Technical Support ... ...Datasheets McAfee Gold Technical Support McAfee Hardware Support McAfee Platinum Support McAfee Technical Support McAfee Product Services DataSheets Anti Virus Health Check Anti Vi... ...e Study Whitepapers Desktop Firewall ROI Analysis of McAfee Desktop Firewall Software and Support Desktop Firewall Quarantine Mode E Business Server McAfee E Business Server Send a...
http://www.mcafeesecurity.com/us/products/mcafee/product_lit.htm 43.9 k

Phorum: PHP Message Board
...ull; 5.1.3 alpha Dev &bull; Change Log &bull; Language Files &bull; More Downloads Phorum Support &bull; FAQ &bull; Support Forums... ... &bull; Modules / Add Ons &bull; Phorum Chat &bull; More Support... Phorum Development &bull; Developer Forum &bull; Phorum Chat &bull; Roadmap / Todo List &bull; Changelog &bull; ... ... too. Once I read the docs right, I got the OS installed. I did recompile the kernel with support for the motherboard's NIC before continuing. That took some time. When ... ...2.x or higher is required. Some people have used it with earlier versions, but we can not support you on it. There were so... ...ntly only MySQL supported while it should be possible to port the database layer to other databases. MySQL is available from MySQL AB . It is OpenSource. Just download, decompress,...
http://phorum.org/ 18.0 k

web-cp: a free web hosting control panel (written in PHP, open source under the GPL)
... Home | Demo | Releases | CVS | Features | Screenshots | Supported Programs | Donations | Sponsorship & Advertising | Discussion Forums | Web Hosting | Error Reports | Online FAQ |... ...at the same time. 7 24 05 web cp now officially supports virtual users kind of ! The latest 0.6 CVS has had the beginnings of virtual user support checked in by one of our develope... ...ercial Support is now available. Purchase installation, troubleshooting or a monthly support contract for web cp directly from the developers. View a list of Dedicated Hosting Prov...
http://www.web-cp.net/ 8.5 k

About the Apache HTTP Server Project - The Apache HTTP Server Project
...lood libapreq Modules cli .NET Miscellaneous Contributors Awards Support Webring What IS the Apache HTTP Server Project? The Apache HTTP Server Project is a collaborative software ... ...ld processes and supporting the rapidly growing Apache user community, Robert Thau designed a new server architecture code named Shambhala which included a modular structure and AP... ...oup formed the Apache Software Foundation to provide organizational, legal, and financial support for the Apache HTTP Server. The... ...be found at http://httpd.apache.org/dev/ . NOTE: The developer mailing list is NOT a user support forum; it is for people actively working on development of the server cod... ...es should make their money providing value added services such as specialized modules and support, amongst other things. We realize that it is often seen as an economic advantage f...
http://httpd.apache.org/ABOUT_APACHE.html 15.1 k

PHP: Debugging PHP - Manual
... from PHP/FI 2 to PHP 3 Debugging PHP Configure options php.ini directives List of Supported Timezones Extension Categorization List of Function Aliases List of Reserved Words List... ...List of Supported Protocols/Wrappers List of Available Filters List of Supported Socket Transports PHP type comparison tables List of Parser Tokens About the manual Open Publicatio... ...the debugger Using the Debugger Debugger Protocol About the debugger &#13; PHP 3 includes support for a network based debugger. &#13; PHP 4 does not have an internal debuggi... ...HPEdit, PHPEd and Maguma Studio. After all I'm sure that the best one debugger is dbg. It supports bre... ...l . dima at NOSPAM dot kde dot org 17 Jun 2001 11:46 Both php3 and php4 dbg extention are supported by Quanta Plus ht...
http://www.php.net/manual/en/debugger.php 20.3 k

TrustID Certificate Center For the Energy and Electrical Power Industry
...he validity of your organization and its support of your application. Get TrustID® SSL Certificate: In order to access the application pages you must Enable JavaScript . This certi... ...wnership of the domain name you wish to secure, and its support of your application. TrustID server certificates are standard x.509 v3 SSL certificates that work with all SSL capab... ...ple of how digital signing can drastically make processes more efficient and less costly. Support: Digital Signature Trust provides... ... support for issues that arise when using your TrustID certificate. DST support can be reached online or at the toll free number: 888 882 1104. Support hours are from 6:00 A.M. to ...
http://www.digsigtrust.com/projects/energy/index.html 14.4 k

Zend - Support Center - Knowledge Base
... Zend Support Center Knowledge Base Support Center Knowledge Base Support FAQ Support Center Knowledge Base To search the Knowledge Base click here . Article ID Title 1 Finding Hos... ...dio Client 74 InvocationTargetException Error 75 Adding MySQL support for PHP 5 76 What to do when getting ./install: line 96: ./php: cannot execute binary file 77 Following Zend S... ...ror when running Platform on Solaris. 155 Zend Platform Java Bridge, supported PHP 5 versions 156 I Series and Z Series IBM machines 158 Invalid license key – Generates error messa...
http://www.zend.com/support/zend_knowledgebase_all.php 55.9 k

PHP: History of PHP and related projects - Manual
... from PHP/FI 2 to PHP 3 Debugging PHP Configure options php.ini directives List of Supported Timezones Extension Categorization List of Function Aliases List of Reserved Words List... ...List of Supported Protocols/Wrappers List of Available Filters List of Supported Socket Transports PHP type comparison tables List of Parser Tokens About the manual Open Publicatio... ...mendous success. Other key features introduced in PHP 3.0 were the object oriented syntax support and the much more powerful and consistent language syntax. &#13; The whole new lan... ...ty of PHP's code base. Such applications were made possible by PHP 3.0's new features and support for a wide variety of third party databases and APIs, but PHP 3.0 was not designed... ... highly improved performance of this version, PHP 4.0 included other key features such as support for many more Web servers, HTTP sessions, output buffering, more secure ways of ha...
http://www.php.net/manual/en/history.php 16.3 k

Open Source Initiative OSI - FAQ:Advocacy
...s, web servers, and FTP servers are almost all open source. Isn't it hard to get reliable support for open source software? Absolutely not! InfoWorld's 1997 Best Product of the Yea... ...this quote: ... readers who are using Linux in a business environment said they found the support they r... ...more reliable to begin with, and that when support is needed it is dramatically cheaper and easier to get than from closed vendors. But there aren't any real applications for open ... ...se? The one sentence version: Open source promotes software reliability and quality by supporting independent peer review and rapid evolution of source code. The one paragraph vers... ...motes software reliability and quality by supporting independent peer review and rapid evolution of source code. To be OSI certified, the software must be distributed under a licen...
http://www.opensource.org/advocacy/faq.php 15.9 k

Dynamic Drive- FAQs
...er from other JavaScript code libraries? 5 Which browsers support DHTML, and how will non supporting browsers handle DHTML? 6 Is there anything I should be aware of before using th... ...ince we know the best DHTML scripts are not written by us, but by you! Q Which browsers support DHTML, and how will non supporting browsers handle DHTML? A Netscape 4+ and Internet... ...pport DHTML, although to different extents. IE 4 is more complete in it's support of DHTML, so you will find more scripts in Dynamic Drive for IE 4+ marked with the IE label beside...
http://www.dynamicdrive.com/faqs.htm 10.9 k

Open.AppIdeas.com - Innovative Application Ideas
...ation Ideas Mailing list archives and discussion forums are available at: www.dorcMan.org Support page Subscribe to the mailing list using the form below. Please no... ...te: Due to time constraints, AppIdeas.com cannot possibly answer free support requests for its Open Source applications. Our technicians are available on a contractual consulting b... ...HERE to go to our contact form. We absolutely will not answer requests for free technical support from this form. Our desire is to help as many people as we can. In most case... ...ping users help each other. To that end, we have established a mailing list for technical support of our Open Source applications. To subscribe to or unsubscribe from our technical...
http://open.appideas.com/support/ 4.6 k

... | Sitemap | Purchase Download Resources Contact Home Company Solutions Products Services Support Partners Investors SSH Resource Center is your single point of contact for a... ...637KB Support Site FAQs Knowledge Base Materials for PR SSH Logos People photos Product photos Material for Investors Financial Reports Presentations Software Downloads Purchase Sh... ...Tectia Connector Home | Company | Products | Solutions | Support | Partners | Investors || Feedback Copyright © 2005 SSH Communications Security. Read our legal notice and privacy ...
http://www.ssh.org/resources/ 30.6 k

FreeOS.com: The Resource Center for Free Operating Systems
...ENSE x86, Amiga, m68 Slow but Active. AtheOS GPL x86 This OS is being actively developed. Support Intel, AMD and other compatible processors... ...ix GPL i386 The Project is inactive Chaos BSD x86 Since chaos is fairly new, the hardware support is rather limited.Not much document... ... is working hard here and is also giving back a lot of code to the open source community. Support f... ..., PC 98 and UltraSPARC It works on a wide platform and it is under active development and support. FreeDOS GNU GPL Intel Very active. The ... ...QNX QNX Open Community x86 This was originally a commercial project. Definitely very well supported and very actively developed. ReactOS GNU Copyleft Intel Actively developed. RTEM...
http://www.freeos.com/compare/ 20.5 k

Dynamic Drive- Revised Scripts Log (Page 1 of 3)
...dar : Updated calendarDateInput.js, which increases the list of supported date formats, plus fixes a couple of bugs. 08/15/2005 Anylink CSS Menu : Improved menu positioning behavio... ...cript to support link and link targeting for individual images within the slideshow! 04/14/2005 Pop it Menu : Overhauled menu for various improvements: 1 Greatly reduced code lengt... ... new versions. 02/23/2005 JsDOMenuBar : Upgraded to version 1.11, which now supports static positioning relative, inline on the page , plus icons alongside each menu item. 02/18/20... ... your site that use this script. 01/31/2005 JsDOMenu : Upgraded to version 1.3, which now supports static positioning r... ... color. Previously the only two colors supported were black and white. 09/27/2004 Tab Content Script . Selected Tab persistence feature added. Script can now remember and load the ...
http://www.dynamicdrive.com/revised.htm 14.5 k

Buy SSL Digital Certificates - Entrust Certificate Management Service
...d audit tools track administrator activity for accountability Premium Customer Support 24/7 online customer support phone support available to assist administrators quick response ... ...tions Contact Support Legal Agreements Architecture Diagram Products Entrust Certificate Services Standard Edition Enhanced Edition Premium Edition Web Hoster Edition WAP Certifica... ... . All Rights Reserved. TrustedCare PartnerLink SalesLink Intranet Login Logout Support Help Contact Us About Overview Fact Sheet History Executives and Board Investor Relations Ne... ...sulting Deployment Services System Integration Services Training Customer Support Technical Integration Briefs Countries North America South America EMEA Asia Partners Overview Fin...
http://www.entrust.com/ssl-certificates/large_scale.htm 23.5 k

Open.AppIdeas.com - README Source Code
...P or site design, Rosenet technicians are available for fee based consultation. Technical support for MyCart can be obtained by subscribing to Rosenet's PHP an... ...th the PHP4 standard file names. If your web server does not support the .php extension as valid PHP scripts, you will need to either instruct it to do so this can be accomplished ... ...ping us to further our efforts by offering to share a portion of the proceeds. FUTURE AND SUPPORT If you need to contact me with an... ...y questions, bug reports or feature requests, I can be e mailed at: support@rosenet.net The fact that I have a job and a family both of which I would like to keep means that I simp... ...o answer many technical support questions. Please be kind to me and direct technical support questions to the mailing list mentioned near the top of this file. http://www.rosenet.n...
http://open.appideas.com/MyCart/source/source.php?f=README 16.8 k

MaraDNS - a security-aware DNS server
...for people who want to transition to the enhanced csv2 zone files. Full support for processing DNS records over ipv4 TCP. Better RFC compliance: Have the rcode in the DNS header fo... ...th stars at the end of hostnames It is possible to compile the server without recursive support, making the maradns binary 20% smaller and not needing to be linked to the pthread l... ...al DOS surivial mode which resoves hostnames as quickly as possible at the expense of not supporting some DNS features such as CNAME records or star records MaraDNS now has authori... ... ipv6 support. AAAA records are supported in csv2 zone files, and it is possible to run MaraDNS on an ipv6 address. Cname records now point back for any record type, not just A rec...
http://www.maradns.org/roadmap.html 4.4 k

The GTK Team
...Wrote GtkComboBox, completion support for GtkEntry, GtkTreeModelFilter. Søren Sandmann sandmann@daimi.au.dk Maintains: GtkToolbar, default appearance of GTK+. Has done a lot of wo... ... to the core widgets. Carsten Haitzler designed and did the first implementation of theme support. Shawn Amundson did release management for GTK+ 1.0 and GTK+ 1.2. More recentl... ...t. Elliot Lee and Alex Larsson wrote the linux fb backend. Erwann Chenede added multihead support to GDK and GTK+. Padraig ... ...dge keep us honest in language binding support. Abigail Brady, Sivaraj Doddannan, Dov Grobgeld, Karl Koehler, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan, Noah Levitt, Eric Mader, Roozbeh Pournader,...
http://www.gtk.org/people.html 7.5 k

Zomos Server Controls Forums ( Powered By Open Bulletin Board )
... User Support FAQs and Tutorials Before asking for support for Zomos, please look here to make sure that your question has not been answered. 1 1 Do I Need A Freshly In... ›› By: a... ...ade Help Having problems with the installation or upgrade of Zomos? If you post here, our support staff and other members will be glad to help you out. 1 1 Can Zomos Be Installed..... ...nd General Assistance Having some post installation issues? Post them in here so that the support team and other members can help you out. 3 3 admin happy birthday! ›› By: eval...
http://www.zomos.com/forum/ 11.4 k

Extreme Perl - Chapter 2: Extreme Programming
...ues supporting our every movement. This chapter explains XP's core values: communication, simplicity, feedback, and courage. We then enumerate XP's 12 practices, and discuss how to... ... read through the descriptions in the following sections, you'll see how the values support each other and the practices. Communication A little Consideration, a little Thought for... ...il. Open communication means we don't have to face our fears alone. Our team members will support us. All we have to do is speak of our fears as ... ...penly as Piglet did in the epigraph to this section. And, Rabbit finds the right words to support him [6] : It is because you are a very small animal that you will be Useful in the... ...ns to keep the project stable and to provide emotional support in those inevitable, difficult times. Courage is a double edged sword. You needed to overcome your fears, but too muc...
http://www.extremeperl.org/bk/extreme-programming 20.3 k

mod_perl: Debugging mod_perl
...you are unable to telnet to your machine generally the case when an ISP provides user CGI support but no telnet access , you might want to u... ...1.0402 Emacs support available. Enter h or `h h' for help. main:: e:1 : print mod_perl rules the world DB 1 The source line shown is the line which Perl is about to execute, the ne... ...window: Loading DB routines from perl5db.pl version 1.0402 Emacs support available. Enter h or `h h' for help. Apache::Status::handler /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.005/i386 linux/Apa... ...use a debugger such as gdb the GNU debugger . It's supposed to work on any platform which supports the GNU development tools. Its purpose is to allow you to see what is going on in... .... The simple way to have both a normal Perl and debuggable Perl is to follow hints in the SUPPORT doc for building libperld.a . When that is built, copy the p...
http://perl.apache.org/docs/1.0/guide/debug.html 213.6 k

ZOMOS - Server Controls
...mos Server Controls include a firewall? What operating systems does Zomos Server Controls support? How can I purchase Zomos Server Controls? H... ... growing! Your clients all all over the world, shouldn't your control panel show them the support they deserve? Look at our supported Operati... ...ng Systems list. Since when are Red Hat and Fedora the only OS's? We support practically every UNIX. Can I install Zomos Server Controls on an existing web server? Absolutely! Many... ...ce to lock or allow ports and networks. What operating systems does Zomos Server Controls support? Red Hat 7.x...
http://www.zomos.com/faq.html 7.5 k

R-fx Networks - Internet Security Solutions - Projects » APF
...sk Contact Us » Live! Support Need help ? Click on the live support buttons throughout our site for Live! support. &raquo; Projects &raquo; APF Browsing Users: 21 &laquo; APF Advan... ...gnificant threat dshield.org block list support to ban networks exhibiting suspicious activity advanced set of sysctl parameters for tcp/ip stack hardening advanced set of filter r... ...to use firewall managment script trust based rule files allow/deny ; with advanced syntax support 3rd party...
http://www.rfxnetworks.com/apf.php 13.3 k

Supported Operating Systems
... Webmin Version: 1.230 Released: 20 Sep 2005 Download: tar.gz | RPM Supported Operating Systems Supported Operating Systems Because different Unix like operating systems use differ... ...cations for their various config files, Webmin can only support systems for which it has been configured. The following operating systems are supported by version 1.230 of Webmin :... ... The best supported systems at the moment are Solaris, Linux Redhat in particular and FreeBSD. ...
http://www.webmin.com/support.html 16.1 k

ClamWin Free Antivirus. GNU GPL Free Software Open Source Virus Scanner. Free Windows Antivirus. Stay Virus Free with Free Software.
...w Can You Help List of Supporters Contact Us Polls What do you think about Google Text Ads? I often click on text ads to support Open Source Projects I click on a text ad only if i... ...s Project and help to improve it Or please click on a button below to make a donation and support further development of ClamWin Free Antivirus. You really can help and your help i... ...nk you very much for your support. Read more... Computerworld.com Security News Microsoft patch problematic for some, security firm says Symantec patches Veritas NetBackup bug 10 s... ...rus Info | Virus Statistics | Web Links | Security News Feed | How Can You Help | List of Supporters | Contact Us | </fon ...
http://www.clamwin.com/ 30.6 k

CERT Advisory CA-2002-23 Multiple Vulnerabilities In OpenSSL
...rmed key during the handshake process with an SSL server connection. Note that only SSLv2 supported sessions are affected by this issue. This issue is also being referenced as CAN ... ...ues. Routines affected include those supporting SSL and TLS applications, as well as those supporting S/MIME, PKCS#7, and certificate creation. This issue is also being referenced ... ...plications using OpenSSL to support SSL or TLS services, and restart said services or systems. This will eliminate all known vulnerable code. Sites running OpenSSL pre release vers... ...ustomers may contact their Alcatel support representative for more details. The security of our customers' networks is of highest priority for Alcatel. Therefore we continue to tes...
http://www.cert.org/advisories/CA-2002-23.html 28.1 k

Open Source Initiative OSI - The Open Source Definition
...read source isn't enough to support independent peer review and rapid evolutionary selection. For rapid evolution to happen, people need to be able to experiment with and redistrib... ...Authors and maintainers have reciprocal right to know what they're being asked to support and protect their reputations. Accordingly, an open source license must guarantee that sou... ...y that a redistribution of the software will take place over non Web channels that do not support ... ...red code or re used portions of covered code may run in a non GUI environment that cannot support popup dialogues. Origins : Bruce Perens wrote the ... ...how your support. ...
http://www.opensource.org/docs/definition.php 16.6 k

Debugging JavaScript programs
... Advertisement: Support JavaWorld, click here! July 1996 HOME FEATURED TUTORIALS COLUMNS NEWS & REVIEWS FORUM JW RESOURCES ABOUT JW <! FREE JAVAWORLD NEWSLETTERS <! JavaScript Debu... ... as in: document.test.box.value = Hello ; 6. Using string methods with objects that don't support those methods Some of JavaScript's objects return values that look like strings, b... ...ment URL. Although the return value looks like a string, it is not, and therefore doesn't support any string object ... ...so occurs if you attempt to use an array not supported by a given object, such as document.elements[0] . The following results in an error because window.length is a property, and ... ...n bugs listing can help you avoid many pitfalls in JavaScript programming. Advertisement: Support JavaWorld, click here! HOME | FEATURED TUTORIALS | COLUM...
http://www.javaworld.com/javaworld/jw-07-1996/jw-07-javascript_p.html 43.2 k

CERT Advisories
...r on hosts supporting the ToolTalk service. The affected program runs on many popular UNIX operating systems supporting CDE and some Open Windows installs. This vulnerability is be... ... advisory describes a vulnerability in systems that contain the suidperl program and that support saved set user ID and saved set group ID. Patch information is included. CA ... ...cription and patch information for a security problem in the Berkeley Telnet clients that support encryption and Kerberos V4 authentication. It provides additional i... ...an affect ConvexOS versions V6.2 V10.2 and ConvexOS/Secure versions V9.5 and V10.0 on all supported architectures. The advisory describes a wo...
http://www.cert.org/advisories/ 123.8 k

web-cp: a free web hosting control panel (written in PHP, open source under the GPL)
... Home | Demo | Releases | CVS | Features | Screenshots | Supported Programs | Donations | Sponsorship & Advertising | Discussion Forums | Web Hosting | Error Reports | Online FAQ |... ...: instructions / changelog Date: 7/28/2004 Download: webcp 0.5.2.tar.gz Installation: not supported Date: 3/5/2004 Download: ... ...webcp 0.5.1.tar.gz Installation: not supported Date: 3/5/2004 Download: webcp 0.5.tar.gz Installation: not supported Nightly Release: Note: this is a release generated nightly from...
http://www.web-cp.net/releases.php 9.1 k

Extreme Perl - Preface
...t software applications efficiently. Like any good marriage, the partners of Extreme Perl support each other. For example, XP asks business people to write acceptance tests, and Pe... ...this book, you'll see other examples where Perl reinforces XP and vice versa. This mutual support system is what makes Extreme Perl applications robust. This book invit... ...accept my apologies. To Joanne, thank you for your love, support, knowledge, active participation, and editing skills. This book would not have happened without you. To Ben and Aid... ...bout this book. To Ion Yadigaroglu, thank you for the thousand conversations, your support, and for believing in me. And, for having the courage to leave the programming to the pro... ...Rob Ward for gallantly giving up your true name at O&A, for years of patient guidance and support, and for smashing through the illogic and unEnglish in ...
http://www.extremeperl.org/bk/preface 14.6 k

Open.AppIdeas.com - Innovative Application Ideas
...site design, AppIdeas.com technicians are available for fee based consultation. Technical support for MyCart can be obtained by subscribing to AppIdeas.com's... ... PHP and MySQL mailing list. To do so, go to the web address: http://open.appideas.com/support/ For a list of important changes in this version, consult the CHANGE file. INSTALLATI... ...ping us to further our efforts by offering to share a portion of the proceeds. FUTURE AND SUPPORT If you need to contact me with any questions, bug reports or feature requests, sig... ...f which I would like to keep means that I simply don't have time to answer many technical support questions. Please be kind to me and direct t... ...echnical support questions to the mailing list mentioned near the top of this file. http://open.appideas.com/ AppIdeas.com's MySQL Utilities and Future Versions of This Software Th...
http://open.appideas.com/MyCart/README.php 14.2 k

perlsub - Perl subroutines - Perl Globe
...? FH : undef; Prototypes Perl supports a very limited kind of compile time argument checking using function prototyping. If you declare sub mypush \@@ then mypush takes arguments e... ...ent all the support needed to cleanly override perl's glob operator. The built in glob has different behaviors depending on whether it appears in a scalar or list context, but our ... ...d, many perl built in have such context sensitive behaviors, and these must be adequately supported by a properly written override. For a fully functional example of overriding glo... ... attributes had been seen. See attributes for details about what attributes are currently supported. Unlike the limitation with the obsolescent use attrs , the sub : ATTRLIST synta...
http://www.perlglobe.com/perlsub.html 58.1 k

Windows Errors
...etBIOS error has occurred. 641 Fix The server cannot allocate NetBIOS resources needed to support the client. 642 Fix One of your NetBIOS names is already registered on the remote ... ...ved to a BPS rate not supported by the COM driver. 702 Fix Device response received when none expected. 703 Fix ERROR INTERACTIVE MODE 704 Fix ERROR BAD CALLBACK NUMBER 705 Fix ERR... ...rectly. 741 Fix The local computer does not support encryption. 742 Fix The remote server does not support encryption. 743 Fix The remote server requires encryption. 744 Fix Cannot...
http://www.modemhelp.net/dunerror/dunerrorcodes.shtml 46.5 k

Global Spin: Tools for Perl Persistence
...site http://www.fastcgi.com , and Zeus servers include support for the FastCGI protocol as a native API. The architecture of FastCGI applications is different from both CGI applica... ...nd, the VelociGen architecture and environment is built around providing high transaction support for persistence in as transparent a fashio... ...istry entries. In addition, PerlEx can support persistent database connections or custom file caching by specifying one time code in the program's BEGIN and END blocks. Code in the...
http://www.globalspin.com/thebook/chapter10.html 38.7 k

MySQL/HTML-Client @ http://www.judas-price.de
... Just another MySQL Client ; Description This tool is written in PHP4 and supports ext/mysql. Currently I'm working on PHP5/mysqli support. The latest version is currently v0.9.8 a... ...is software is licenced under GPL http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html . Andrew Kirilenko supported some code and bugfixing to MyS... ...zon Wishlist Not another PEAR::DB Client Description This tool is written in PHP and supports all PEAR::DB Types. It allows you to query your database and edit tables via webforms,...
http://www.judas-price.de/ 7.3 k

ClamAV: Project News
...es | mirrors Download stable | snapshot | binary packages and ports | 3rd party software Support documentation | FAQ | WikiWiki | mailing lists | live support | commercial support ... ...ork security applications, started a partnership with us to provide hardware acceleration support for the Clam AntiVirus suite. 0 comments [Read all...
http://www.clamav.net/ 10.3 k

SonicWALL - Internet Security Products - Firewall, Anti Virus, VPN, Unified Threat Management, Software, Management Tools, SSL, and more
... Firewall and VPN Security Appliances SonicWALL Internet firewall/VPN security appliances support an array of security applications and deliver powerful firew... ...ns. With integrated support for firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, anti virus, content filtering, and an award winning Global Management System GMS , IT administrators can trust ... ...ket inspection firewall, IPSec VPN for remote access, IP address management features, and support for SonicWALL value added security services. S... ...plications | Markets | Support | How to Buy | Channel Partners | Company Comprehensive Internet Security 2005 SonicWALL, Inc. | Privacy Statement ...
http://www.sonicwall.com/products/index.html 28.6 k

Zone Labs: ZoneAlarm
...ZoneAlarm Support Center NEW Why You Need a PC Firewall How to Renew Your ZoneAlarm Subscription Zone Labs Cracks Spyware Prevention Barrior New OSFirewall Thwarts Cybercriminals w... ...e Pro Zone Labs to Support U3 Smart Drive Computing Platform ZoneAlarm Security Suite on a U3 powered USB smart drive will protect consumers from a wide range of Internet threats p... ...Technical Support Agent Click here for our current job openings Home Home/Office Products Download & Buy Enterprise Solutions Service & Support Partner Programs About Zone Labs Cop...
http://www.zonealarm.com/ 43.4 k

SpywareInfo :&#183; Spyware and hijackware Removal Specialists
...riend Support SpywareInfo Buy Some Shwag Site Navigation About SpywareInfo Chat Room Contact us Links Page Press Information Privacy Policy Software Page Support SpywareInfo Suppor...
http://www.spywareinfo.com/ 21.2 k

AVG Anti Virus: AVG Free Edition
...ngle Edition: Free, 24/7 e mail access to Grisoft's technical support , with expert consultation and rapid response Access to reliable worldwide Akamai high speed server networks f... ...e files Support of multiple languages English, German, Czech, Slovak, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish and Serbian are supported at the present time. Additional languages are u... ... & REGISTRATION FAQ TECHNICAL SUPPORT ABOUT VIRUSES DOWNLOADS NEWS ABOUT GRISOFT DISTRIBUTION PARTNERS CONTACT US HOME SITE MAP Buy AVG Register AVG Download AVG Trial LATEST VIRUS...
http://www.grisoft.com/doc/40/lng/ww 11.7 k

Dynamic Drive- What's New (Page 1 of 7)
...of a page. Textarea maxlength script Credits: Dynamic Drive Why this isn't supported by default in HTML is a whole other issue. Anyhow, this is a simple but effective script for ex... ... its object oriented design, redefines robustness. The script supports vertical and horizontal scrolling, optional linking, title attributes, configurable visible sides, and more. ... ...reincarnation, supporting multiple images and a smoother animation in certain browsers. Check it out! Feburary 14th, 2005 Rich text editor for textareas Credits: Kevin Roth Replace... ...ield s with a custom one that supports WYSIWYG formatting with this Rich Text Editor script. It allows the user to easily format the entered content, such as make it bold, change i...
http://www.dynamicdrive.com/new.htm 19.8 k

Privacy Bird
...1.2.2 Tour Help files Frequently Asked Questions System requirements Terms and Conditions Support Articles abou... ...2000, Windows NT, Windows ME, or Windows XP Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01, 5.5, or 6.0 Support This is a beta release, not fully suppo... ...stions, comments, and bug reports to support at privacybird.com . Privacy Policy . ...
http://www.privacybird.com/ 6.2 k

Welcome to Linux International!
...support in Linux is advanced and superior to most other Operating Systems. Since the people developing Linux collaborated and used the Internet for their development efforts, netwo... ...equently chosen by leading businesses for superior server and network performance. Linux supports all of the most common Internet protocols, including Electronic Mail, Usenet News,... ...Local Area Networks LANs , regardless of system combinations, providing full and seamless support for Macintosh, DOS, Windows, Windows NT, Windows 95, Novell, OS/2, usin...
http://li.org/whatislinux.php 10.2 k

Global Spin: Site Design Versus Application Design
...easing, easy to access fashion gains much more support. Because Web applications are being created jointly by graphic artists, programmers, and other types of developers, it's impo... ... files or Quicktime background music. If system resources are nearly all being devoted to supporting style, ... ...n if they would enable simple underlying code and a rich graphic interface. Browsers that support only a subset of the features used might cause naviga...
http://www.globalspin.com/thebook/chapter03.html 34.3 k

SSL Certificate, SSL Certificates – Entrust.com
...r multiple customers' certificates Customer Service Section Looking for local service and support? Visit one of our International Affiliates . Entrust is a registered... ...e Revocation List CRL Revoke a Certificate Quick Links Frequently Asked Questions Contact Support Legal Agreements Products Ent... ...ogout Support Help Contact Us About Overview Fact Sheet History Executives and Board Investor Relations News and Events Careers Awards Third Party Validation Contact Us Solutions O... ...Support Technical Integration Briefs Countries North America South America EMEA Asia Partners Overview Find a Partner Become a Partner Become Entrust Ready Developers Overview Cont...
http://www.entrust.com/ssl-certificates/index.htm 22.8 k

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