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JSMsg JavaScript Syndication and Content Sharing Convention -- Creativyst(R), Explored, Designed, Delivered.(sm)
... JSMsg JavaScript Syndication and Content Sharing Convention Creativyst R , Explored, Designed, Delivered. sm Explored, Designed, Delivered. ℠ Creativyst Docs Use JavaScript ... ...etails º Concept Test Page Conventions: Creativyst ® JSMsg Webpage Display Convention Use JavaScript syndication to display dynamic content on static or dynamic pa... ...ici The Convention Why Use JSMsg? Overview The JSMsg File Namespaces Function Calls Usage Examples Message Parts Arrays JSMsg Version Token Permissions Resources JSMsg But... ...ng JSMsg is a JavaScript syndication convention that has the advantage of enabling dynamic content to be displayed on web pages without need for server side scripting. If you provi... ...t works on any browser with JavaScript enabled. JSMsg does not rely on proprietary software Webmasters and content providers do not have to be concerned with whether a visitor has ...
http://www.creativyst.com/Doc/Std/JSMsg/JSMsg.htm 78.1 k

Interview: JavaScript and Web Site Usability
...WebWord.com Interviews JavaScript and Web Site Usability 20 Oct 98 If you want to know when new articles go online, subscribe to the WebWord.com Usability Newsletter! JavaScript an... ...y An Interview with JavaScript Guru, Mr. Danny Goodman The Basics What is JavaScript? JavaScript is a general purpose programming language designed to let programmers of all skill ... ... with other kinds of objects in other environments. For example, Adobe Acrobat Forms uses JavaScript as its underlying scripting language to glue together objects that are un... ...ique to the forms generated by Adobe Acrobat. Therefore, it is important to distinguish JavaScript, the language, from the objects it can communicate with in any particular environ... ...ents and are downloaded to the browser with the rest of the HTML tags and content. How is JavaScript different from Java? JavaScript was de...
http://webword.com/interviews/goodman.html 24.5 k

The Stickybeak - Documentation
...The Stickybeak Home : Documentation : Examples : Download : Contact Documentation This file is part of The Stickybeak Distribution Package. Table of Contents Prerequisites Installa... ...ak Code Generator can be used to create these snippets, alternately javascript or PHP may be used to generate the code to include the logging image. The Stickybeak may also be call... ...ummarizes the characteristics of different methods of invoking the logger: Calling Method JavaScript + Image HTML + Image PHP... ...yes For examples of each of the different methods of installation see the examples . Table Of Contents Configuring The Stickybeak Database Connection Parameters mysqlhost The hostn... ...g user activity. More Configuration Examples . Table Of Contents Log Structure ID Automatically generated number used to uniquely identify the log entry in the MySQL database sessi...
http://www.stickybeak.com/docs.php 18.9 k

Global Spin: Site Design Versus Application Design
...ion of JavaScript or other client side scripting; the lines between HTML text to print and programmatic code to develop become blurred. The best solution would be to base the look ... ...–used frequently in the examples throughout this book–is another example of this idea. For Web applications, clean code can make the difference between a quick site modification an... ... the first examples taught to computer science and other programming students. Each layer enables a program to be developed in parts that interconnect in formalized ways. Modularit...
http://www.globalspin.com/thebook/chapter03.html 34.3 k

Web Page Development: Best Practices
... entire XHTML file you should perform an accessibility check. Remove all style sheets and JavaScript from the XHTML and carefully look at this unstyled page. Is the content ordered... ..., read the official W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines . If you want some practical examples and tips, the excellent accessify.com website is your best bet. CSS You'll probab... ...se position: absolute normally. Read his page well if you want to implement his solution. JavaScript JavaScript suffers from less incom... ...L , for XHTML questions. css discuss , for CSS questions. WDF DOM , for JavaScript W3C DOM questions. Accessibility: Bobby . Use with care, though. Accessify Useful: A useful list ...
http://developer.apple.com/internet/webcontent/bestwebdev.html 33.4 k

Using Web Standards in Your Web Pages
...ink at all. MARQUEE IE2+ HTML 4.01 DIV or SPAN , with content string rotated over time by JavaScript via the DOM level 1.... ...ere not made a part of the W3C specification for the Document Object Model and will cause JavaScript errors in standards compliant browsers like Mozilla,... ...re on accessing forms and form elements: Referencing Forms and Form Controls by comp.lang.javascript newsgroup FAQ notes DOM 2 specification on accessing forms and form eleme... ...ings from parent elements. Therefore, if you wish to read and write these properties from JavaScript through the DOM2, use one of these two ... ...ndards equivalent of ElemRef.innerText is ElemRef.childNodes[0].nodeValue . The following examples show how to modify the text of a SPAN element that already exists in the...
http://www.mozilla.org/docs/web-developer/upgrade_2.html 58.8 k

NSS API Guidelines
... NSPR memory allocation facility that uses Arenas and ArenaPools. It was added for use by javascript; it is a fast, lightweight, non thread safe though free threaded implementation... ...s, and not meant to be reused. Examples of these data in structures may include things like the PKCS #7 ContentInfo structure. Example code should be included in the documentation ... ...self. Be sure to increment the reference count on the returned objected before unlocking. Examples of hash tables can be found ... ...arch code to be tolerant of looking at the same element multiple times potenitally . Examples of the last three strategies can be found in security/nss/lib/pk11wrap/pk11slot.c. On ... ... data type. Examples: PK11_SlotGetSeries , PK11_SymKeyGetSeries , CERT_CertificateExtractPublicKey Parameter ordering Most functions will have a 'Natural' ordering for parameters. ...
http://www.mozilla.org/projects/security/pki/nss/nss-guidelines.html 50.5 k

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
...t document. The Techniques Document discusses each checkpoint in more detail and provides examples using the Hypertext Markup Language HTML , Cascadi... ...e notes, clarifying examples, and cross references to related guidelines or checkpoints. A link to a section of the Techniques Document [TECHNIQUES] where implementations and examp... ... off or not supported e.g., do not use javascript: as the link target . If it is not possible to make the page usable without scripts, provide a text equivalent with the NOSCRIPT e...
http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG10/ 124.0 k

mod_perl: Apache::* modules
...r more details and eg/perl/ for examples. Apache::Request and libapreq are tied tightly to the Apache API, to which there is no access in a process running under mod_cgi. Apache::R... ...the output and makes it easy to build a chain of modules that work on output data stream. Examples of modules that are bui... ... bloated with JavaScript code and wondered how could you send it compressed, thus dramatically cutting down the download times? After all Java applets can be compressed into a jar ... ...r mod_perl. Let's see a few examples: use Apache::SubProcess qw system ; my $r = shift; $r send_http_header 'text/plain' ; system /bin/echo hi there ; overrides built in system fun...
http://perl.apache.org/docs/1.0/guide/modules.html 72.9 k

Clean up your Web pages with HTML TIDY
...t of all, there is no software to install, it just works from the Web! Examples of TIDY at work Tidy corrects the markup in a way that matches where possible the observed rendering... ... from Netscape and Microsoft. Here are just a few examples of how TIDY perfects your HTML for you: Missing or mismatched end tags are detected and corrected h1 heading h2 subheadin... ...ia a template. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who can offer help with using JavaScript for adding dyna...
http://www.w3.org/People/Raggett/tidy/ 45.9 k

Learn to Install Java Development Kit (JDK) - Server Installation - Webmaster Stop
...ome Java. We can do this through the server itself, by selecting one of the examples that comes with the package or we can write our own and try to load it in a browser. Let’... ... code to check and see if everything is working ok. script language= JavaScript ! Begin var timerID = null; var timerRunning = false; function stopclock if timerRunning clearTimeou...
http://www.webmasterstop.com/119.html 12.3 k

Lowth.com - Linux security software, papers and on-line tools
... and other kids Amazon top sellers O'Reilly Linux Unix shell C / C++ Perl PHP Python Java JavaScript TCP/IP HTML XML .NET PhotoShop Dreamweaver DirectX Excel Windows... ...e ROPE pages include download, documentation and working examples. LinWiz On line wizards for creating linux security configuration files, including 'iptables'. The aim of these to...
http://www.lowth.com/ 13.0 k

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