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Six Basic Reasons Why Visitors Stay On Your Web Site

1. The first page appears quickly.

It's a good way to have your brief tagline in the starting page of your web site and your company logo. Highlight the benefits and advantages of your products on the starting page.

But don't dump all the information on it so that it will appear quickly. Limit your graphic to a file size of 20 KB or less.

2. It's purpose is immediately and clearly identified.

Say what you want to say and say it briefly and straight to the point to get across your purpose why you existed in the web.

3. It's well laid out and well-written.

Take advantage of positive space and check the spelling and grammar of your web site. Tables can be a good tool to place your graphics and text on proper position. Maximize also the use of cell padding and cell spacing.

Hire somebody to write marketing materials for you. A good way to start is to access my archive of my newsletters and do a quick research on it. Try the arhives here

4. It's links accurately suggests what the viewer will find.

Make use of tags in your graphics so that if a browser will not display graphics, the visitor will have an idea of what you're talking about. Try turning off your graphics display in your browser and then view this site:

5. It's links behave as advertised when the viewer does use them.

I usually describe my site on classified ads web site as "Everything Essential To The Web, Nothing Less!" and I can prove it. I have freebies, online shopping, e-commerce, communities, mailing lists, web directories, and so on. Every week I have something new for my visitors so they keep coming back for more.

Visit the page here. | g.Nabaza.net

6. It supplies the content the viewer expects, or a quick path to that content.

When I describe something on my site, I usually follow it with a simple instruction like this: "Please visit http://Nabaza.com and click on "Subscribe" under "Members" section.

Nabaza.com provides solutions to everyday webmastery task like search engine submissions, internet promotion, and sticking your visitors to your site. Become a member now for as low as U.S. $100.00 a year.

Nabaza.com specializes in building, designing, implementing, managing and maintaining corporate website to boost sales of your company. Email william@nabaza.com for information on functional, dynamic webpage designing with affordable packages. Subscribe for free!



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